Transboundary NIHONGA

Two NYC based Japanese Painting Artists, Kaé Sato and Takashi Harada, exhibit their artworks at local office space in Inwood, Manhattan. The artists use “NIHONGA” Japanese traditional painting technique to resonate images beyond the cultural boundaries. Mid and small size artworks will be shown.

This Exhibition is also a part of "The 17th Uptown Arts Stroll 2019" which is a month long art event happens during of June throughout the upper Manhattan area by Northern Manhattan Arts alliance.

The New Heights Realty

634 W 207th St, New York, NY 10034

June 3 – 28, 2019

Mon - Fri 10am - 5pm 

Sat 10:30am - 3pm


Group Show at Morpeth Contemporary

Morpeth Contemporary is pleased to present the paintings of artists Takashi Harada and Kaé Sato, along with the sculpture of John McDevitt.

Introduced to the gallery by fellow artist and mentor Makoto Fujimura, Harada and Sato both practice Nihonga. Nihonga—literally meaning “Japanese painting”—developed in about 1900 to differentiate Japanese works from Western style paintings.   It is often characterized by its materials, including: natural pigments derived from minerals, shells, corals, and even semi-precious stones; metals like gold and silver leaf; and the use of “sumi” ink, wood, silk, and paper.

May 4 - 25, 2019

Artworks inqireries, please contact

Morpeth Contemporary

43 W Broad St, Hopewell

New Jersey 08525 


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Odyssey -NIHONGA-


Inwood local artist, Kae Sato, exhibits “NIHONGA” Japanese traditional paintings with nature related theme. In this exhibition titled Odyssey, she explores and celebrates the long history and memories of life of all animals, insects, plants, and atmosphere which surround us. This Exhibition is also a part of "Uptown Arts Stroll 2018" which is a month long art event during of June happens throughout the upper Manhattan area by Northern Manhattan Arts alliance.

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum

4881 Broadway, New York, NY 10034 

May 31 – August 26, 2018

Thursday – Saturday: 11am – 4pm, Sunday: 11am – 3pm



Open Studio


This is a rare opportunity to experience historical & traditional technique of NIHONGA Japanese painting.

See it's materials in person at the artist's studio. 

For your personal studio visit please contact the artist by clicking the button below! 

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Nihonga Workshop

Nihonga workshop Japanese Style painting Natural Mineral Pigments

 NIHONGA workshop is going to happen on Saturday June 15, 2019 1:00pm - 3:00pm, at Sato Sakura Gallery in Chelsea, Manhattan!!! 

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Odyssey@DyckmanFarmhouseプレスリリース (pdf)


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